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(The following items and gear might be updated in the future and more of them will be added through updates)


✧ How to make Steel in Sengoku Mod in 60 seconds > |YOUTUBE SHORT|

✧ Mod's Trailer > |YOUTUBE|


✧ Ironsand: iron mixed with sand that can be found solely in rivers.

✧ Tamahagane: Iron separated from the sand and united with carbonium from the charcoal.

✧ Tatara Furnace: a clay bricks furnace that can smithe a block of Mixed Iron Sand into 9x Tamahagane by consuming charcoal.

✧ Steel: the new material for weapon and armor crafting. Created by hammering Tamahagane through a Stone Hammer or a Steel Hammer in the crafting grid. Its products are similar to Iron Gear but with more durability, hardness, and enchantability. It can be used to produce the melee weapons listed below, which have singular features and abilities that give the player buffs and de-buffs.

✧ Stone Hammer & Steel Hammer: tools used solely for crafting Steel.

✧ Bullets: Ammunition for the Matchlock.

✧ Hata-jirushi: Tall Banner


✧ Su-Yari: Accessible weapon for area damage. Ability: |Fast Movement|

✧ Jumonji-Yari: Durable weapon for single-target damage. Ability: |Yari Wall|

✧ Naginata: Versatile area damage weapon. Ability: |Parry|

✧ Katana: Swift weapon with single-target heavy damage. Ability: |Duel|


✧ Yumi: Longbow with high damage and medium-fast reload rate.

✧ Matchlock: Deadly gun with extreme damage but slow reload rate.


Light armor: ✧ Jingasa (helmet), ✧ Do (hhestplate), ✧ Hizayoroi (Legs), ✧ Waraji (shoes)

Heavy Armor: ✧ Kabuto (helmet), ✧ Heavy Do (Chestplate)


1.0.0 - First mod release

Mod's Author: alessandro_neithad (alessandro.neithad on other socials) - an Italian modder and game developer |YOUTUBE|

Mod made by using: MCreator, Blockbench, Pylo's tutorial and procedures about making a custom furnace

Please do not edit or reuse the mod's assets in your projects and do not claim it to be yours.

Want to support me? Make sure to give me the credits of this mod when you show it in public or when you create a modpack with it. Hope you enjoy the mod! Please give me feedback about what you would like to see added about the Sengoku Japan and tell me how you feel about the mod's features.

Please let me know if something is wrong or if any item's name is written with mistakes.

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All items added in 1.0.0
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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