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"I killed a human. Will you let me in?"
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    Güten #tag
    My name is PapaEnny, but everyone can call me Enny
    Some Stuff about me:
    Gender: NonBinary, Cone
    Pronouns: I don't use pronouns, so feel free to use any
    Hobbies: Playing games, drawing, reading random stuff, animation or even writting
    Current TextLine Quote: Quote from a book called "Jerusalem" by Gonçalo M. Tavares
    Memes and what I am currently doing
    I present memes, why present?
    Cus I don't own them, I just show them than making
    If you have some problems about the memes, let me know
    Am I your friend and can you feature me in your friends widget?
    I wouldn't mind if you see me as a friend. I mean putting my name in your friend group/widget. Don't be afraid to consider me as a friend or getting hate from me after that. I don't care if you put me or not, your choice. I won't hate it, I respect your choice
    You are not obligated to be my friend. I won't be mad if you won't feature me ;)
    Some funfacts of my language/nation
    1. The term pierogi is already plural (one pieróg - two pierogi).
    2. Ó - o with a "comma" is read like double O - boom - bóm
    3. Murzyn isn't the polish N-word, the polish N-word is a word starting from the letter C
    4. 11th November is the polish independence day
    5. The first king of Poland was Bolesław Chrobry(don't mistake with the first ruller Mieszko, he was a prince), the last was Stanisław August Poniatowski
    6. The polish 1 złoty(golden) isn't golden, it's silver coloured
    7. Poland never had concentration camps. Using the term: "polish concentration camps" is not only offensive, but also proves your low knowledge about history. The germans created them, so they are german camps
    8. Poland was the only country who invaded Moscow.
    Status of work related things:

    I am open for any complaints or questions, just send me a private message ;)
    For me, cus I am too lazy to scroll down for it:
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    14th August 2023

    Your beauty never really scared me

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