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Superheroes Unlimited Versions 4.3.12 or 5.0+?

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Duvain Feynorim's Avatar Duvain Feynorim
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Hello, this is as a somewhat of a review of the mod versions differences in the Superheroes Unlimited mod. Hopefully some of you readers may find this entertaining. The main points on this are: suit quantity, and suit qualities. Perhaps one version is better than the other, maybe this will clear up some questions about it too.

In the 4.3.12 update there was many suits in the mod, so many Iron mans they had their own tab in the inventory. But the suits were reduced dramatically in the 5.0 update, though as they redid the entire mod it would make since. I just like the numerous suits of the earlier version. I do hope they re add the Iron Man hordes.

Another point is the quality of the suits, their abilities, skins, etc. While in both versions of the mod the suits are very well textured, with a few exceptions. The 5.0 suits have a 3D modeled layer on them as well, much more than the 4.3.12 version suits. The 5.0 suits have much more quality in look and functionality. This aspect of the newer version makes the mods experience much better, especially with the speedsters trails. Also the 5.0 update added many of the cinematic versions of the suits instead of the comic books.

Which is better, 4.3.12 or 5.0+? that I'll leave up to you.
Thank you for reading.

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