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[S:1 C:4] Hearts of gold and diamonds

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Ender Sparkle's Avatar Ender Sparkle
Level 35 : Artisan Dragon
Season 1: The Time Machine
Chapter 4: Hearts of gold and diamonds
Desert. Sandstorm. Absence of life. These were exactly defining next place and time. Ender Sparkle could hardly exit the Time Machine. The only thing in sight was a small, short stone obelisk. After E.S. managed to get that far, she decided to try to read what was engraved on it. The inscription read as follows:

𝙹γƒͺκ–Ž|| β„Έ Μ£ ⍑ᒷ βŠ£π™Ήκ–Žβ†Έ β‘α’·α”‘βˆ·β„Έ Μ£ α’·β†Έ α“΅α”‘γƒͺ βŠβ•Žα“­β•Žβ„Έ Μ£ βˆ·β•Žα“΅β‘-β‘α’·α”‘βˆ·β„Έ Μ£ α’·β†Έ α“­α’·γƒͺβ„Έ Μ£ β•Žγƒͺα’·κ–Žα“­' κ–Œα’·α’·!¡

Ender Sparkle knew the language, but it was hardly readable because there was a literal sandstorm. Except the engraving, there was also a stone button. Ender Sparkle was not sure if to press it or not. It could activate a trap! But was there any other choice? Only ⅐ of the time essences were collected. But what were these? And why were they needed to activate the time machine? According to E.S.' mostly rational thinking, she wouldn't fulfill the conditions - no one she ever met would. But there was no other option. The button was pressed. All the cracks and engravements on the obelisk started to glow in a sky blue shade. Stacks of sand have fallen, oddly in a grainfall instead of a column of blocks, revealing stone stairs leading to a giant stone hall. Ender Sparkle went inside and was shocked how big and how well preserved this structure was. There were 10 giant stone sculptures, each with a golden heart, with the exception of the first pair, where the heart was made from diamonds. Every statue had eyes made of emeralds. One colossus from the first pair suddenly awoke, and looked at E.S. with anger.

- (Sentinel) Who dares to awaken me from my slumber? Is it the king of undead who tried to get here and sent help in form of you? Or you want to fight me and my 9 siblings?ο»Ώ

- King of undead? I'm not sure who are you talking about, but I think I'm his enemy.

- (Sentinel) Very good then. You truly have a heart of gold...

- ...And soul of silver, perhaps?

- (Sentinel) Just like our king always said. He knew something would mash the time. He said once: "Silver is good against werewolves because it controls time somehow. Our colossi will awaken this one time when a person with a heart of gold and a soul of silver comes to our land, sooner or later."

Then, a chest warped out of nowhere. It was covered in silver dust. Inside and outside. The only non-silver thing was the time essence. This weird, short adventure, compared to the long lasting silver chronomancy. What will the Sentinel do? Will it try to awaken its siblings, or it goes back to slumber? This essence was weird. As soon as E.S. got back to the Time Machine and activated it, she was surrounded by a gray void. No Time Machine, or anything. Only se and the essence, which melted, and soon after, these words started to appear before her eyes:

3 out of 14... That's what the magic number predicted. Your heart of gold and soul of silver... I am the king. Not of the first essence, but the third. I knew the secrets of time, but others thrown me out because of their beliefs that set their minds to think what I say is heresy. I'm glad that I wasn't wrong. You need to gather 11 more shards of time, known to you as essences to make this thing work like we all expected. I wish you luck, my friend I will never meet due to time shenanigans...

And then, Ender Sparkle woke up.

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